Get A Financial Head Start On The School Year

Financial Head Start | Mike Mackenzie

Finding the financial head start on your finances can be a struggle. But the school holidays can offer the perfect time, especially for teachers. Get cracking on your financial to-do list these holidays by looking into refinancing your mortgage. Planning on giving your finances a boost by refinancing your mortgage? Well, you’re not alone. Following […]

Did You Know, Buying a Property Could Be Cheaper Than Renting?

Recent analysis shows that for more than a third of Australian properties, meeting mortgage repayments could actually be cheaper than renting. For many Australians residents looking at purchasing a property, the recent rate hikes and inflations have diminished the dream of property ownership and made it feel like an unachievable goal. Often the biggest obstacle […]

Escape The Rent Trap By Joining The Property Market

Rental properties have been declining at a concerning rate for some time, leaving many unsure about their housing situation. So, how can you escape renting and become a homeowner? Rental availability is fast becoming scarce in many parts of Australia and rental prices are being unreasonably increased, resulting in many tenants seeking alternative options. Owning […]