Why more Aussies are turning their backs on the McMansion

Why more Aussies are turning their backs on the McMansion

Australians are increasingly “thinking small” when it comes to buying a home and cracking the property market. And with perks like affordability, more desirable locations, and lower maintenance, it’s little wonder why. Many Australians are crossing the McMansion off their wish list in favour of smaller, smarter, low-maintenance homes. A recent ING study surveyed over 1000 Australians […]

Homebuying intentions climb as Aussies untie themselves from rental crunch

Homebuying intentions climb as Aussies untie themselves from rental crunch

  Despite the soaring cost of living and successive interest rate hikes, homebuying intentions have climbed, latest data shows. So why are so many people still chasing the great Australian dream? And what can you do to make your own dream a reality? Despite a flurry of rate rises, new data this month shows homeownership […]

More home buyers set to benefit from low deposit, no LMI schemes

low deposit and no LMI scheme

More Australians (and permanent residents!) will soon be eligible for a leg up into the property market under an expanded Home Guarantee Scheme. Today we’ll run you through all the upcoming changes to the low deposit, no lenders mortgage insurance scheme. Officially unveiled as part of the 2023 federal budget, the expanded Home Guarantee Scheme will […]

First Home Buyers Plan Numbers Have Halved: Is It Time To Swoop In?

Home Buyer | Mike Mackenzie

Repeated cash rate hikes have put many first home buyers plans on hold. So could you swoop in and reap the benefits with less competition in the market? In case you missed it, from May to December the RBA lifted the cash rate from 0.10% to 3.10%. This has no doubt hit many mortgage holders […]

Did You Know, Buying a Property Could Be Cheaper Than Renting?

Recent analysis shows that for more than a third of Australian properties, meeting mortgage repayments could actually be cheaper than renting. For many Australians residents looking at purchasing a property, the recent rate hikes and inflations have diminished the dream of property ownership and made it feel like an unachievable goal. Often the biggest obstacle […]

Escape The Rent Trap By Joining The Property Market

Rental properties have been declining at a concerning rate for some time, leaving many unsure about their housing situation. So, how can you escape renting and become a homeowner? Rental availability is fast becoming scarce in many parts of Australia and rental prices are being unreasonably increased, resulting in many tenants seeking alternative options. Owning […]

Is Now a Good Time to Buy or Wait?

Understand what is going on with current interest rates and why you should consider buying now. Recent back-to-back interest rate hikes have led to a cooling of the property market, and with more rate rises predicted, you might feel like pumping the brakes on purchasing. But could the current climate offer opportunities? With the predictions […]

Things to Consider if You Have a Home Loan

A modern home interior in Perth where the loan has been reduced by Mike Mackenzie

Meet Mike Mackenzie I’m Mike Mackenzie your local mortgage broker. I’ve got a passion for property, so no matter what stage in the property journey you are on there is a good chance I have personally done it myself. Let me explain. I bought my first home which was a house and land package when […]