What is the fixed rate cliff and how can refinancing help?

What is the fixed rate cliff

You’ve probably heard the term “fixed rate cliff” bandied about in finance news feeds. But what is it? And if you’re about to head over it, how can you prepare for a soft landing? A staggering 880,000 fixed-rate loans are set to end this year, and when they do, many Australian households will be facing significantly […]

How To Prepare For a Fixed-Rate Mortgage Cliff

Do you have a fixed-rate mortgage contract that’s coming to an end soon? It can be a stressful time, particularly with rate rise news dominating the headlines. So today we’ve got some tips for a smooth transition. Like many Australians, you may have taken advantage of the interest rate good times by locking in a […]

Get A Financial Head Start On The School Year

Financial Head Start | Mike Mackenzie

Finding the financial head start on your finances can be a struggle. But the school holidays can offer the perfect time, especially for teachers. Get cracking on your financial to-do list these holidays by looking into refinancing your mortgage. Planning on giving your finances a boost by refinancing your mortgage? Well, you’re not alone. Following […]