Did You Know, Buying a Property Could Be Cheaper Than Renting?

Recent analysis shows that for more than a third of Australian properties, meeting mortgage repayments could actually be cheaper than renting. For many Australians residents looking at purchasing a property, the recent rate hikes and inflations have diminished the dream of property ownership and made it feel like an unachievable goal. Often the biggest obstacle […]

The Relentless RBA Strikes Again!

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has raised the official cash rate once again! The seventh straight increase in a row entails another 25 basis points and now sees the cash rate sitting at 2.85%. Back in May the official cash rate was just 0.10%. Just last week on November 1st, it was increased for […]

Is Now a Good Time to Purchase an Investment Property?

The recent rate rise explained

Have you already bought a home and now considering purchasing an investment property in the very near future? Have the recent interest rate hikes made you feel hesitant? Don’t Shelve the Idea Just Yet, Now May be a Great Time to Buy. If you’ve been looking at purchasing an investment property, you may be in […]

Healthcare Professionals Qualify for LMI Waiver

Healthcare professionals including nurses, midwives now qualify for a lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) waiver policy. This allows them to fast track their journey into the homeowners’ market and save thousands in the process. With the recent announcement, nurses, and midwives (who earn over $90,000 per annum) have now become eligible to buy a home with […]

Escape The Rent Trap By Joining The Property Market

Rental properties have been declining at a concerning rate for some time, leaving many unsure about their housing situation. So, how can you escape renting and become a homeowner? Rental availability is fast becoming scarce in many parts of Australia and rental prices are being unreasonably increased, resulting in many tenants seeking alternative options. Owning […]

Interest Rate Rises vs. Your Mortgage

Interest rates have increased again by 2.60%, another 25 points. How will this interest rate rise effect your mortgage repayments, and will it take effect immediately? It’s unbelievable that the cash rate increased from 0.10% at the start of May to 2.60% recently this month, making this the sixth month in a row where we […]

How Long Will It Take for an Interest Rate Rise to Kick in?

Household budgets around the country are feeling the brunt of five back-to-back rate hikes. And we’ve been warned more are on the way. But just how long does it take for each rate rise to impact your monthly mortgage repayments? As you’re probably aware, in early September the RBA raised the cash rate to 2.35%. […]

Is Now a Good Time to Buy or Wait?

Understand what is going on with current interest rates and why you should consider buying now. Recent back-to-back interest rate hikes have led to a cooling of the property market, and with more rate rises predicted, you might feel like pumping the brakes on purchasing. But could the current climate offer opportunities? With the predictions […]

Things to Consider if You Have a Home Loan

A modern home interior in Perth where the loan has been reduced by Mike Mackenzie

Meet Mike Mackenzie I’m Mike Mackenzie your local mortgage broker. I’ve got a passion for property, so no matter what stage in the property journey you are on there is a good chance I have personally done it myself. Let me explain. I bought my first home which was a house and land package when […]

The Recent Interest Rate Rise Explained

The recent rate rise explained

Understand what is going on and the options available to you Interest rates are going up due to the reserve bank of Australia (RBA) being scared that inflation will hurt the Australian economy. While we do have high inflation at 5.1%, we need to consider some very important points.  Cost Push vs Demand Push Inflation […]