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How much our Customers have saved

"An awesome experience with Mike, he managed to save us $1500 a month by consolidating a couple of loans and getting us a better interest rate on our mortgage. He is a super friendly hard worker, I would highly recommend him to anyone!"
Ross Laverty
I found Mike through my financial planner and we weren't in a position to change banks but Mike still helps us out.

He was able to get us a 2.13% discount with CBA which saved us $437 per month. This saved us 115k over the life of the loan if we made the minimum repayments.

He also explained if we keep our current repayments then we can reduce our 22 year loan term to 16 years. Thanks Mike this has been an amazing help to our finances.
Elisia Coetzee
Mike & his team have had nothing but our best interest at heart in this being now my second dealings with processing of a loan. He is a genuine person and all correspondence is on a level that we can understand. Thank you once again Mike and the team.
Colin Goesch

What our Customers have to say

"Mike was so amazing to work with, it wasn't an easy refinance but he made the process as good as it could possibly be. He absolutely went above and beyond. Thank you so much for all the work you did. We are so grateful."
Ashleigh Bertrand
"Mike has been a godsend! He walked me through every stage of the process, making sure I got the best deal with the bank I wanted. His responses were always very prompt & accurate. Mike made purchasing a home effortless. I would strongly recommend him, as I was recommended through a family member."
Veronika Coffin
"Mike has been very helpful in the process of getting my loan. We had a few bumps in the road with the lender, and without him to help me work through them I probably would have given up. Now I’m a happy owner about to build my dream. Thanks again, Mike."
Narelle West



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How Ross saved $1500 per month with Mike and Your Future Set

Meet Ross: Once burdened by climbing mortgage repayments and a looming debt across multiple loans, his financial stability was at stake. 

Enter Mike, our financial whiz, who spotted a golden opportunity with a savvy mortgage refinance option..

Smart Refinancing: Mike’s eagle-eyed strategy found a bank that valued Ross’s property higher than the rest, paving the way for a debt consolidation miracle that wiped out high-interest debts and secured a lower mortgage rate.

Breathing Easy: The result? Ross now saves $1500 monthly, has a $15k safety net embedded into his mortgage, and can look forward to a brighter, stress-free financial future.

Join Ross in celebrating his newfound financial freedom as we usher in a prosperous new year!

Financial Head Start | Mike Mackenzie
Not Ross but just we think this guys is just as happy as Ross is right now.

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